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A Letter of Appreciation to Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted
May 02 2007


Dear Mr. Speaker,

On behalf of the parents, students and educators who visited with you in your office last month and the thousands of Ohioans involved in school choice may we express our profound gratitude for your leadership in the defense of educational choice for all parents. Your commitment and sacrifice in preserving Ohio's school choice options in the current budget debate are a shining example of principled leadership and integrity.

The historic 97-0 vote of the Ohio House in support of the budget is a testimony to your leadership. It is also a profound rejection of the Governor's attempt to remove school choice from the budget and eliminate parental options from Ohio's education policy. Your skill and diligence in building a consensus among Republicans and Democrats while defending school choice is a truly noteworthy accomplishment.

We realize this debate is far from over in the legislative process and the struggles that will follow this year. You can continue to count on the support of Ohioans everywhere as you labor on behalf of school choice and quality education policies for all Ohio students. We thank you for your courage and commitment.

For the common good,

David Zanotti
The American Policy Roundtable
The Ohio Roundtable and Freedom Forum