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Roundtable Opposes President’s Health Care Tax Plan
January 22 2007

Rob Walgate, (440) 572-1796

Cleveland, Ohio – The American Policy Roundtable announced opposition today to the White House plan to tax families who have company paid health care benefits. Roundtable president David Zanotti issued the following statement:

“The President is proposing a new tax increase. The plan will tax people with company paid health care. It will begin by only taxing those whose health care exceeds the average cost of a family policy. But that is where all new tax policies begin. This plan is the first step to taxing all company paid health care benefits.

This is wrong on so many levels. The last thing any American family needs is higher taxes. Many families make significant career and lifestyle sacrifices to keep jobs with good health care benefits. Congress and the President should respect those sacrifices, not seek to penalize families who are taking care of their health care needs. This high-end tax is just the beginning. There is little doubt the President's plan will open the door to all company paid health care benefits being taxed by Congress.

In addition, the President is introducing an artificial price control mechanism into the insurance market place. By dictating how much health care a family should need and what it should cost, the President's policy will force the health care industry to conform to artificial political standards. History proves the more government gets into private business and family decisions the less productive the marketplace becomes. The last thing the health care industry needs is more government interference, regulation and bureaucracy. The Roundtable is urging all citizens to contact the White House and ask the President to drop his plan to tax health care benefits.”

The American Policy Roundtable, founded in 1980 is a non-profit, non-partisan education and research organization. In 1994, the Roundtable led a 14-state coalition in opposition to the Clinton Health Security Act.

To view the President's proposal visit: Fact Sheet: Affordable, Accessible, and Flexible Health Coverage