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Ohio Roundtable Defines School Funding Amendment – “A Dishonest Trap”
January 17 2007

Rob Walgate, 440-572-1796

Cleveland, Ohio – In response to today’s announcement of a petition campaign to place a school funding amendment on the November 2007 ballot, the Ohio Roundtable issued the following statement:

“The proposed constitutional amendment is a trap for the people of Ohio. It is dishonest, discriminatory, and driven by self-interest. The proposal is dishonest because it attempts to use children as a bargaining chip against the voters of Ohio. It is discriminatory because it considers only students attending certain public schools worthy of a quality education and treats all other school children as second class. It is a power grab that will radically reconstruct the Constitution and place unlimited control over taxpayer dollars in the hands of a non-elected educational bureaucracy.

The introduction of this amendment in an “off-election” year, where voter turnout in November will be predictably low, reveals the true intention of the backers. They are hoping to “slip one past” the voters of Ohio and take control over billions of educational dollars when very few people will be watching. No one who is serious about creating positive education policy based on results and fiscal accountability can give this proposal any serious consideration.”

The Ohio Roundtable is a non-profit public policy organization founded in 1980. The Roundtable has been involved in educational policy and the school funding debate since the early 1980’s.The Roundtable has also been involved in major ballot campaigns in Ohio including term limits, campaign finance reform, the education sales tax, and the defeat of casino gambling. David Zanotti serves as President and CEO of the Roundtable along with Rob Walgate, Vice-President, and Melanie Elsey, Legislative Director.