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Vote No Casinos Thanks Learn and Earn For Their Financial Support
October 19 2006

Rob Walgate, (440) 572-1796

Columbus, Ohio– Vote Yes on Issue 3 suffered a second legal defeat today in their attempt to silence opponents of Issue 3. The Learn and Earn/Vote Yes Committee filed charges with the Ohio Elections Commission charging that certain statements contained in the Vote No Fact Book were factually incorrect. The charges were dismissed earlier in a 3-2 vote on the the first hearing for Probable Cause. The Vote Yes Committee appealed that decision and appeared today for a second time before the Ohio Elections Commission. Their charges were rejected a second time by a margin of 5-2 by the Commission.

Ohio law permits compensation for legal costs in the event of a failed appeal before the Elections Commission. Vote No Casinos attorney, Don McTigue requested and the Commission voted unanimously to require partial compensation of $100 be paid to McTigue's firm.

Vote No Casinos Co-chair David Zanotti stated: ”We are grateful the Commission saw through the bullying tactics of the casino cartel. We are thankful to have saved $100 today in legal fees and appreciate the ‘contribution’ from the Learn and Earn Casino Commitee lawyers. We'll put it to good use printing more materials to encourage every Ohioan to vote No on Issue 3. 'A whole lot of good' came from their fraudulent charges."

The Vote No Casinos Committee is a voluntary network of citizens, community leaders and elected officials all opposing Ohio Ballot Issue #3, the Learn and Earn Casino amendment. The Committee is co-chaired by Ohio Auditor Betty D. Montgomery, and David Zanotti, President of the Ohio Roundtable.

For information on the "Learn and Earn Ohio" proposal, click here.

To read the Ohio Learn and Earn amendment language, click here.

Paid for by Vote NO Casinos, 3121 Bay Landing Dr., Bay Village, OH 44145, Mark Mattson, Treasurer.