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For the Common Good
By David Zanotti

Up in Smoke

The Philosophy of Science and Medicine
By Dr. Charles McGowen

Affordable Care, Atheism and Astrophysics

A Moment in History
By Dr. Jeff Sanders

Darkest Hour

The Public Square The Latest on
The Public Square

The Cool Kids vs. Everybody Else
January 16, 2018
2 Minute Format Archive

Up in Smoke
January 12, 2018
60 Minute Format Archive

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The Public Square 2 Minute program

The Public Square 60 Minute program

A Little About The Public Square

In 1989 the Roundtable began a daily program.  Since then, The Public Square® has sought to keep you informed and empower you to make a positive difference in public policy. Over the past seventeen years this daily broadcast has grown in market reach and influence. The Public Square®, in its current two-minute news/commentary format, is now heard over 7,000 times per year in eight states.

The Public Square® 30 minute broadcast brings a unique perspective to radio programming. The content of these broadcasts is shaped from the real-life experiences on the mission field of public policy. The 30 minute broadcast goes beyond opinion and entertainment, the hallmarks of standard conservative streaming talk radio. The Public Square® is a conversation on how to walk out a Biblical worldview in the field of public policy. The program is a “team broadcast” co-anchored by David Zanotti, President and CEO of the American Policy Roundtable and Wayne Shepherd, career radio veteran and long-time host of Moody’s “Open Line.”