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For the Common Good
By David Zanotti

Betrayal - Conservatives Forsake 1st Amendment - Update

The Philosophy of Science and Medicine
By Dr. Charles McGowen

Affordable Care, Atheism and Astrophysics

A Moment in History
By Dr. Jeff Sanders

The Ghosts of Christmas Past -- 1941

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Christmas In America 1950, Part I
December 15, 2017
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Education News Articles

Obama urges longer school hours, extended school year
Steven Thomma
March 10, 2009

Home schooling grows
Janice Lloyd
January 05, 2009

Sub-standard science standards
SOURCE: Florida Baptist Witness
December 04, 2007

Boulder students protest
SOURCE: Denver Post
Mike McPhee
November 02, 2007

Charters fire back at Dann, His bid to close struggling schools ignores the law, critics say
SOURCE: Columbus Dispatch
Catherine Candisky and Bill Bush
September 14, 2007

Hitting the books is harder in August
SOURCE: Columbus Dispatch
Ann Fisher
August 29, 2007

Baptists turn from public schools
Yonat Shimron
August 29, 2007

Poll: 1 in 4 American Adults Read No Books in 2006
SOURCE: Associated Press
August 22, 2007

Md. State Board Approves County's Sex-Ed Curriculum
SOURCE: Washington Post
Daniel de Vise
July 13, 2007

House OKs Bill to Help Students
SOURCE: Associated Press
Nancy Zuckerbrod
July 12, 2007

Md. State Board Approves County's Sex-Ed Curriculum
SOURCE: Washington Post
Daniel de Vise
July 04, 2007

Limited Nevada School Voucher Proposal Approved
SOURCE: Reno Gazette-Journal
May 24, 2007

“Houston, we'll have a problem -- if Illinois retreats on charter schools”
SOURCE: The Chicago Sun-Times
Collin Hitt
March 29, 2007

Teachers union won't relent on Newark billboards
SOURCE: Home News Tribune Online
The Associated Press
March 27, 2007

Union and Anti-Union Group Wage Billboard Campaigns in Newark
SOURCE: Education Week; Vol. 26, Issue 27
Bess Keller
March 14, 2007

Strickland targets charter schools, vouchers
SOURCE: Dayton Daily News
William Hershey, Laura A. Bischoff
March 14, 2007

Judge orders 'gay' agenda taught to Christian children
SOURCE: WorldNetDaily
Bob Unruh
February 26, 2007

Initiative for schools slammed
SOURCE: Catherine Candisky and Jim Siegel
January 17, 2007

Five pillars of Islam' taught in public school
SOURCE: WorldNetDaily
Bob Unruh
October 10, 2006

Bush to Make No Child Left Behind Law Priority for Next Year
SOURCE: Fox News
October 06, 2006

No religious holidays in school plan
SOURCE: St. Petersburg Times
September 28, 2006

Blackwell promos plan for schools
SOURCE: The Plain Dealer
September 20, 2006

Tackling high cost of college
SOURCE: The Plain Dealer
Reginald Fields
September 19, 2006

Iran's Ahmadinejad Calls for Purge of Liberal Teachers
SOURCE: Associated Press
September 05, 2006

Charter, suburban schools grow
SOURCE: The Plain Dealer
Janet Okoben
August 18, 2006

Charter Schools Now To Be Run By New Statewide Commission
SOURCE: The Tampa Tribune
June 27, 2006

Bush signs bill giving new vouchers to kids in stricken program
SOURCE: Associated Press
June 07, 2006

Immigrant tuition bill fails again
SOURCE: Herald Today
May 12, 2006

Five Reasons Not to Go to College
April 27, 2006

Florida school vouchers, class size on back burner
SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel
March 23, 2006

Florida voucher plan gains ground in state House
SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel
Linda Kleindienst
March 22, 2006

A Cleveland charter gets it right
SOURCE: The Plain Dealer
Scott Stephens, Sandra Livingston and Bob Paynter
March 20, 2006

Class-size showdown: Amendment on the line as lawmakers meet in Tallahassee
SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel
Dave Weber
March 10, 2006

Harvard study blasts Bush education policy
SOURCE: Reuters
Jason Szep
February 16, 2006

Governor offers tools to recruit teachers
SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel
Leslie Postal and John Kennedy
January 23, 2006

New study shows 1 in 20 adults in the U.S. are Illiterate
SOURCE: Associated Press
December 28, 2005

Students: Teacher Gave Anti-Bush Vocab Quiz
SOURCE: Associated Press
November 28, 2005

Lawmaker introduces resolution to sue over No Child Left Behind
SOURCE: The Plain Dealer
September 13, 2005

Teacher's Letter Sparks Racial Debate in Orange County
SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel
Mary Shanklin
August 24, 2005

Conn. Challenges No Child Left Behind Law
SOURCE: Associated Press
Noreen Gillespie
August 23, 2005

Conservatives see liberal bias in class
SOURCE: The Christian Science Monitor
Jeffrey MacDonald
June 07, 2005

Charter Schools Outperform Public Schools
SOURCE: The Associated Press
May 25, 2005

ACLU asks jail for Tangipahoa school officials
SOURCE: The Advocate
May 20, 2005

School Board touts growth proposal
SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel
Kevin P. Connolly
May 12, 2005

Longer Class Days for Florida Students?
SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel
Mary Shanklin
May 10, 2005

Florida: Bush's school plans in peril
SOURCE: The Miami Herald
May 02, 2005

A Day in Cleveland's Schools
SOURCE: The Plain Dealer
Janet Okoben and Ebony Reed
April 28, 2005

Florida: Orange County Suggests Longer Class Days
SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel
Mary Shanklin
March 04, 2005

Prayer Eyed in Virginia schools
SOURCE: Washington Post
Christina Bellantoni
February 17, 2005

Action Alert: Public Hearing on School Board Appointments
Melanie Elsey
February 11, 2005

Governor Taft overrides a vote of the people!
SOURCE: Roundtable
February 04, 2005

Radio host to lead panel's 1st Amendment discussion
SOURCE: Toledo Blade
January 29, 2005

Florida Board of Education to Urge End of All 'Social Promotions' at all Grade Levels
SOURCE: Associated Press
Vickie Chachere
January 28, 2005

Atheist Appeals to Supreme Court Over Inauguration Prayer
SOURCE: Associate Press
January 19, 2005

Low test scores could cost schools
SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel
Leslie Postal
January 17, 2005

Bush pushes for applying federal testing standards to high schools
SOURCE: Palm Beach Post
Ken Herman
January 13, 2005

Michigan Teacher Suspended Over
SOURCE: Associated Press
Seattle Post
January 12, 2005

American Students Gain on International Testing
John Hildebrand
December 15, 2004

Pre-K Plan for Florida Dissapoints Educators
SOURCE: Sun-Sentinel
Bill Hirschman and Chris Kahn
December 14, 2004

Horace Mann on Religion and Education
SOURCE: The History of American People
Paul Johnson
November 29, 2004