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Letter to the Senators on Issue One
American Policy Roundtable
October 25 2005

Dear Senator,

On behalf of the Ohio Roundtable and Freedom Forum I am writing today to urge you to reject any attempts to pass legislation regarding embryonic stem cell research and cloning in Ohio prior to the November 8th election. The importance of this subject requires a lengthy, thoughtful and thorough debate before any proposal should become law in Ohio.

The opportunities to address these subjects as they relate to Ohio Issue One and the Third Frontier project funding are now long gone. The actions of the General Assembly regarding Third Frontier and Issue One are a matter of record for the voters and the Courts. Any “quick-fix” measure attempted at this time is a discredit to the serious nature of this issue and to the credibility of the General Assembly.

We urge you to reconvene on this subject after the elections so that the people of Ohio will have full opportunity to join in this important debate.

Sincerely, draft Dave Zanotti President, Ohio Roundtable and Freedom Forum

cc: Dr. Jack Willke, Life Issues Institute