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Article One Defined
SOURCE: The American Policy Roundtable
June 27 2012

Article One is the continuing education project of the Roundtable and Freedom Forum. Our goal is to re-awaken Americans to the reality that Congress is the most important branch of the national government. What happens in Congress matters most. That is the way the Constitution was designed and by returning to this core reality we can do America a great service for the future.

Example: Wouldn’t it be nice if every state had Congressional representatives that would read the 2700-page health care law before they took a vote? Even nicer, what if we had a Congressional majority in the House and Senate that took their oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution seriously?

Read the booklet about Article One. Or order a copy of this booklet for FREE.

Let the pundits on cable news keep on pumping up the top of the ticket. In local counties and communities let's have a debate on the urgency of a Constitutional Congress. Let's do this in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and in key markets across the nation.

Article One – Fix Congress First.

To do this work we have a lot of educating ahead. Thus, our work on radio and online everyday and every week on The Public Square®. In addition, we are producing and distributing materials to churches and schools constantly to help people re-focus on fixing Congress first. Article One is a key feature of the ongoing American Mission® series as well. Wherever you hear or see Article One it is because together we are reaching the marketplace with this vital message.

Article One Booklet (online PDF) (Free Print edition)

Tune in to The Public Square® radio program: "Article One: Fix Congress First"

Here's one way you can help in this special project.

**Stats from the video above are through 2012.