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Packard Foundation Continues to Push for Legal Abortion
from The Pro-Life Infonet, May 4, 1999

Washington -- David Packard, "computer tycoon and former deputy defense secretary in the Nixon administration," posthumously funds numerous pro-abortion efforts, and is considered one of the world's greatest source of population control funds, the Washington Times reports.

"On the abortion front, the Packard foundation often funds projects that others will not touch," the Times reports.

In a recent National Review article, Neal Freeman, a friend of Packard's and chair of the Blackwell Corp., wrote that the foundation has become "radically pro-abortion." Last year, the foundation awarded $153,000 to the Bridging the Gap Foundation to publish "A Pocket Guide to Contraception," which details emergency contraception, sterilization and abortion methods for medical students, as well as $300,000 to a group lobbying for legalized abortion in Brazil.

Freeman said, "David's friends and admirers assume naively this money would support causes he was devoted to." However, foundation representatives said that "no one should be surprised by the groups and efforts being supported, since a number of those that received grants last year also received them when Mr. Packard was still alive." Curbing population growth was one of Mr. Packard's "major goals," Packard Foundation President Cole Wilbur said, citing a speech Packard gave in 1992 that emphasized the relationship between population pressures and environmental destruction.

Wilbur describes Packard and his four children, who serve on the foundation's board, as "pro-choice" and noted that the board "has been making grants in that field since 1976." A foundation representative added that the group is "not interested in forced population control," rather it is "trying to empower women to choose the number of children they have."

Other grants made last year by the foundation include:

-- $150,000 to a Mexican-based group to "strengthen the voice of pro-choice Catholics."

-- $200,000 in general funds for the National Abortion Federation.

-- $152,500 to the Milwaukee-based Religious Consultation on Population "for a project to counter religious obstacles to family planning and abortion in 10 world religions."

-- Over $1.9 million to international family planning and environmental groups for various population control and pro-abortion projects (Howard Price, Washington Times, 5/2).

ACTION: Register your compaints about Packard Foundation funding to:  

The David and Lucile Packard Foundation 300 Second Street, Suite 200 Los Altos, California 94022 Tel. (650) 948-7658