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Prez 2000: Gary Bauer Responds to Elizabeth Dole on Abortion
from the Pro Family Network

WASHINGTON, -- Republican presidential contender Gary Bauer today challenged Elizabeth Dole's retreat on the abortion issue and called on the Republican Party to stand firm on pro-life principles. The following is Bauer's statement:

"The Republican Party must stand firmly against abortion and for the right of the voiceless and defenseless to take their first breath. As a fundamental principle we must stand for welcoming all children into the world and defending them in law.

"A candidate for President who unapologetically makes the case for the right to life can indeed move hearts and minds. We must not equivocate on the wording of the Party platform or the stance of our running mates. Instead we must articulate a plan for restoring the right to life.

"I would appoint to the Supreme Court only judges who would extend constitutional protection to unborn babies. In addition, I would present to the Congress a Human Life Bill that would recognize unborn children as persons under the Fourteenth Amendment.

"The right to life is the civil rights issue of the new millennium."