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Global Warming

Is global warming real?

The people who are skeptical about global warming might be wrong. Or, the people who are totally convinced global warming is caused by people might be wrong.

How can we know for sure? Of course we can all look at the data and evaluate the basic theories. It’s not really that terribly complicated. After all, Al Gore became an expert in his spare time and won an Oscar on the subject.

Let’s examine the arguments against global warming. Carbon dioxide, which the experts claim causes global warming is a natural gas, and humans, and animals produce more Co2 then all emissions combined.

According to Christopher Horner, author of many books on environmentalism, "Global average temperature is probably about 0.6 degree Celsius -- or 1 degree Fahrenheit -- higher than a century ago.”

No one holds weathermen to promises they cannot possibly keep. But should political leaders be held to a higher standard? Is it right to launch a national campaign that will heavily impact the economy, even cost people jobs, if we don’t have the science right?

All we are saying—we are still very skeptical.

More arguments against global warming.

More information on the administration's recent attempt to combat climate change, known as cap-and-trade policy.