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January 19, 2018
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Energy Independence

The people of the United States are in trouble and they know it. Rising energy costs are paralyzing the economy and threatening the daily purchasing power and long term economic prospects of every American business and family. Polling numbers reveal the cost of energy is on top of the American mind.

Every day Americans fill their gas tanks and bang their steering wheels in frustration. Seldom have the people of this nation felt so helpless against an adversary that is taking food from their tables, dollars from their paychecks and jeopardizing their long term economic futures.

Promising energy alternatives exist in abundance. A brief listing includes:

Fuel Cells


Increased Domestic Oil Production

Nuclear Power

Clean Coal

Electric automobiles

Solar and Wind

Natural Gas

All of these fuel sources, and many yet undeveloped technologies, offer real opportunities for energy independence and economic growth but none of them are moving forward as fast as the rising price of crude oil. Understanding and overcoming this inertia is the paramount challenge to bringing energy independence and a new era of opportunity to America.