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September 21, 2017
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God Uses Storms
September 15, 2017
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Casino Gambling/Lottery

Across the country, the casino gambling industry would like to convince Americans, and especially policy makers, that casinos are the answer to everyone’s economic woes. This is just another false hope marketed by the industry and Americans need to continue to hold their elected officials accountable on this issue.

Detroit is an example of a city promised to be revived by the expansion of casino gambling. It just takes one visit to this city to see that all of the profits generated by casino operators have not revitalized the downtown landscape and it hasn’t brought economic prosperity to Michigan residents.

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Despite repeated rejections by Ohio voters, the casino industry and pro-casino legislators continue to press forward toward legalizing casino gambling. Most recently in 2008, Ohioans rejected a proposal which promised to share casino profits with every county. Close to 3.5 million voters said, NO – the largest rejection to date. The ink is barely dry on this last ballot rejection and state leaders are already being pressured by the casino proponents to support plans to use casino gambling as a means to fix the state’s $7 billion budget deficit!