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Mosul Christians Destroyed
President/Congress Silent

Perdue wins in Georgia
Chamber of Commerce loses again

David Zanotti's Blog For the Common Good Blog
That is not a red smiley face
Have you seen the picture? The Arabic letter "N" spray painted in red on the houses of Christians in Mosul, Iraq. The "N" word in Iraq stands for Nazarene. The Christians in Mosul were identified and targeted by Islamic forces under ISIS. Their homes were tagged with the letter "N"....
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Dr. Jeff Sander's Blog A Moment in History
"Cher Ami-- The Brave Little Carrier Pigeon"
Years ago when my daughter was just six or seven years old, I told her the true story of "Cher Ami", the brave little bird who saved hundreds of American soldiers in World War I.  . . . . . . What? You've never heard of Cher Ami?  It's a...
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Roundtable Email Updates
In Honor of Louie Zamperini
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