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Democracy in Action
By Dr. Jeff Sanders

The South African parliament recently voted 241 to 83 to seize without compensation all the land owned by white farmers. Whites own about 72% of all farmland in South Africa-- in some cases these farms have been in same family for 400 years.

The word "democracy" means "majority rule". So, if you are in the majority, you can do as you please. Want to seize other people's property without paying them for it (that's also called "stealing")? Just hold a vote-- in a democracy you can steal other people's stuff if you get a majority of votes.

This is exactly what Nelson Mandela was against when he became president of South Africa in the 1990's. Yes i know that he was definitely left of center (and his African National Congress was filled with Marxists), but once he became President he really did try to bring about racial reconciliation. He was not for seizing land without compensation.

However, that is not the attitude of the South African parliament today. Marxist leader Julian Malena (who put forth the bill to steal land) said that "this is not the time for reconciliation. This is the time for justice." Justice...Marxist style. What happens if people resist this sort of "justice"? In 2016, Cyril Ramaphosa (who was sworn in as president last month), said he was not for the extermination of the land owning farmers-- "at least for now". Small comfort from people who control the majority of the votes.

Monday, March 12, 2018, 12:30 PM

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Some Vocabulary in the Gun Control Debate
By Dr. Jeff Sanders

I have been listening intently the past two weeks in the ever increasing intense debate between the right to keep and bear arms, and the desire of many for more "gun control".  I heard Senator Feinstein yesterday speak of the need to ban "assault weapons".  I often hear of the AR 15 (and similar firearms) called "assault rifles".  Ugh.  I am really tired of this obvious falsification of simple facts, and I doubt many people will change their mind, but here are a few simple facts about "assault weapons" and "assault rifles". 

First of all, tell me what an "assault weapon" is.  Almost anything can be used as a weapon with which to assault someone: a box truck to run over people in Nice France or London, knives to stab dozens of people in China, or box cutters and passenger planes to fly into office buildings in America.  All these things are assault weapons.  But it would be silly to ban trucks, knives, box cutters, or passenger planes, wouldn't it?  

Now, "assault rifle" does have a real, true, specific, legal definition.  According to the ATF a and other Federal agencies, an assault rifle is a rifle with a "selector switch" on it.  It must have a switch in which, if you turn it, the gun will go from semi-automatic (shooting only one bullet for each time you pull the trigger), to firing fully automatically (rapidly shooting many bullets if you just pull the trigger once and keep it held down).  The AR 15, therefore, is NOT an assault rifle, because it does NOT have a selector switch.  It is only semi-automatic, like 75% of all the other rifles out there.  It would be nice if politicians could learn this and stop misinforming people.  But I won't hold my breath.

Then Dick's Sporting Goods came out yesterday and told everyone that they will no longer be selling "assault-style rifles".  I know what an assault rifle is...but what is an assault-STYLE or assault-TYPE of rifle?  Is that a rifle that looks really scary and shoots lots of bullets?  I notice that there is no legal definition of "assault-STYLE" rifle.  (By the way, assault rifles are already ILLEGAL in all 50 states and have been for decades!  One exception exists, however.  In 11 states you can purchase a machine gun IF you buy a special permit, register yourself and the gun with law enforcement, and pay the going price for such a gun...anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000.  The gangs and mafia have no problem skirting all these rigamarole and getting whatever machine guns they need, though).

But I digress.   I wonder if, since semi-auto rifles can now be called really scary names such as "assault-style rifles", I think we should call passenger jets "bomber-like 747s".  Earth moving equipment should be "tank-style bulldozers".  Box trucks and SUVs should be "assault-style vehicles".  Fireworks can be "missile-style explosives".  Hoodies and baggy pants are "gangster-like clothing".  Folding knives are "machete-style blades".   And Bic lighters can be "flame-throwing pocket incindiaries".  



Thursday, March 01, 2018, 06:42 PM

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Recharging My Batteries
By Dr. Jeff Sanders

Every so often we just cannot absorb any more of the world's insanity, right?  Well that's how I feel right now.  I know I cannot stop the world and get off.  But I have hit my saturation point (for now) when it comes to enduring an endless march of horrific news stories plus the daily grind of watching human ignorance and immorality.  My mind and soul just needs a bath and a breather.  So what do I do?  For the next several days I will be reading some good stuff and listening to beautiful music.  And I will be chainsawing some downed trees on my property.

For good books...I mostly like things that are ancient.  So I am reading "On Loving God" by my friend Bernard of Clairvaux (I call him "Bernie").  He wrote in the 11th century.  I'm also reading "The Imitation of Christ" by Thomas a' Kempis and "The Consolation of Philosophy" by Boethius.  I really don't care for fiction, but I'm reading "Don Quixote" to reinvigorate the ima gination.  A.W. Tozer's godly works round out the list.  I read these books so that my love does not become jaded.  

I am reading G.K. Chesterton's "Orthodoxy", "Everlasting Man", and his bio of Thomas a tonic to ward off the illogic of the culture that surrounds us and tries to inebriate us.  

I am listening to good music...all the classical stuff: Elvis, Puccini, order to keep my heart singing and happy.

And lastly, I am outside in the woods with nature, vigorously chainsawing a mess and stacking up wood into nice little piles.  

Good words, good music, good exercise.  It heals the mind and soul.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018, 09:29 PM

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Just As I Am
By Dr. Jeff Sanders

Back in 1980 my parents and I went camping.  A relative came with us...she was a hardened atheist.  An admitted communist, actually.  Yes, that did make for an interesting camping trip; so long as we steered clear of politics or religion we did just fine.  

One day we were putting dinner out on the picnic table, and we heard church bells in the distance.  I really did not pay attention to it.  "She", however, was lost in thought with a very peaceful look on her face.  I had not seen such a peaceful look on her in years. "What's wrong?", I asked.  "That song...the church bells...listen.  They're playing 'Lamb of God' ".  I listened.  Then she sang, as if in a dream, "...oh Lamb of God, I come....I come."

"Oh that's Billy Graham's song.  'Just As I Am.'  They play it at the end of every one of his crusades." Immediately she snapped out of it.  Her scowl returned.  But for a moment, that song, that she remembered from her childhood, had melted her heart. 

Thursday, February 22, 2018, 10:00 PM

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Billy Graham
By Dr. Jeff Sanders

I can hardly measure the effect this man has had on my life.  I vaguely remember hearing about Billy Graham or seeing just a snippet of his TV special when I was a little boy.  I know that whenever the music of thousands of people singing a hymn would hit the screen, some member of my family would jump up, run to the TV set and change the channel.  Our family wanted nothing to do with him (although my mother liked him and would sometimes retreat to her room and watch his crusade on her TV set).

Then in 1975 my father left us.  I still remember that day, December 14, like it was yesterday.  To fill the void, to soothe the pain...I started reading the Bible.  It was so difficult.  Thank God Billy Graham came on TV. Later I started writing him ("Billy Graham... Minneapolis, Minnesota..that th all the address you need!") and someone on his staff would faithfully answer all my questions about the Bible.

I watched him and I was mesmerized.  I loved the way he spoke (he was a Southerner just like me!) and what he had to say about Jesus was so clear.  I did not really understand the Gospel at age 13 or 14, but I did understand the last thing he would say at the end of a sermon: "and go to church next Sunday!" Mama and I were in the den watching him, and I said to her "Mama let's do what he says.  Let's go to church this Sunday." So we did.  And I've been going every Sunday ever since.

Daddy came back to us years later, thank God.  He loved watching Billy Graham too.  His favorite part was when Billy would point to the crowd and say, "God loves you...and you...and you...and you too!" In 1981 Daddy and I both asked Jesus to be our Lord and Savior (Mama had already been a Christian for years).  As long as I lived in the home, watching Billy Graham on TV was a special time.  We loved watching the special singers (Evie Tornquist, Larnell Harris, even Johnny Cash!), and we just hung on every word he said.  

The best part of all was the three of us listening to them sing "Just as I am".  Mama knew every word. 

Well, Mama and Daddy have been in heaven for many years now.  Today, Billy Graham met them!  Thank you, Billy, for the wonderful, happy blessings you were to my family.  

Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 09:04 PM

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