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This site can help you make a real difference
here in Ohio and in Washington D.C.

In fact, this site is a brief representation of over 20 years of practical experience in applied politics from the bottom up. The information, the virtual tours, and the opportunities to contact your elected officials are all provided free of charge.

We really wish all these services were free, but they are not. To keep this website moving forward we need your help. That means money. Here's how you can help.

You can make a contribution to Ohio Roundtable directly from this web site. How much should you send? Lots - if possible. We will use every dollar, as we have for 20 years, to help impact the public debate here in Ohio. If you can only send a few dollars - that's fine too. We believe in the story of the widow's mite and will thank you all the same for whatever you can do to help. And, contributions to Roundtable are tax-deductible.

What do you get in return for your contribution? The promise that we will use every dollar to continue this vital mission here in Ohio. Thanks for you help. We truly appreciate it.

Click here to access our secure area to
make a donation NOW using your credit card.


You can make your check payable to:
Ohio Roundtable
11288 Alameda Drive
Strongsville, OH 44149
(440) 572-1796

aproundtable.org is donated and hosted by:
Evergreen Communications