Universal health care problems
Universal health care problems

What's This All About?
Universal health care is a term we keep hearing in the news and in the public square.  Click here to learn more about the basics of this issue.

Health Care Elsewhere
Is the solution universal health care? Problems have arisen in every country it has been established in. More information on Universal Health Care in Other Countries

45 Million Uninsured?
Is this 45 million quota a reliable number of the truly uninsured?  Some would say that the real number is much less.  To find out what the real numbers are, read on here.  

The Solution
Is there a market-driven solution to health care?

A More In-Depth Analysis:
Providing Better Healthcare in America
Universal Health care in Britain
Steps to Cut U.S. Uninsured
Universal Health care's Dirty Little Secrets
Universal Health care: The Wrong Prescription

Who Killed Healthcare?: America's $2 Trillion Medical Problem - and the Consumer-Driven Cure

Solutions to the Rising Cost of Healthcare:
1. There are Solutions to the Rising Cost of Healthcare
2. Seeking the Cause of the Problem
3. National Health care is Not the Answer
4. Meet the Giant Filter at a Managed Care Organization
5. A Community in Need Suffers the Loss of a Vital Medical Resource
6. When in Doubt, Cut it Out.

Click here for healthcare programs on The Public Square.
What is the N.I.C.E.? And how has this organization affected healthcare rationing in England and people across the globe? England's N.I.C.E. organization has drawn an erie parallel to the N.I.C.E. technocracy that C.S. Lewis wrote about in his science fiction novel, That Hideous Strength. Click here to learn more.

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Looking for some solutions to the healthcare system? Read more from Roundtable's Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Charles McGowen, on his special healthcare blog: Solutions to the Rising Cost of Healthcare.



"The Uninsured in America"

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