Roundtable Live Events


Policy Briefings

The Roundtable holds policy briefings in communities building leadership networks on special issues and projects. A team of experts come together to talk about timely legislation and issues that impact your community.

To help host or schedule a policy briefing near you, please contact: Rob Walgate, V.P. at (800) 522-VOTE ext. 105


Christmas in America


The Christmas in America events are multi-media concerts with content. A beautiful Christmas celebration where families come together and rediscover the connection between Bethlehem and Liberty. Perhaps the word "revival" is the best way to describe Christmas in America. This "revival" of an old-story is coming this December from the Ohio Roundtable in live presentations in Ohio in a national radio broadcast, podcast, online presentation and CDs to the whole world. The wonderful carols of Christmas will be performed by award-winning musical artists and a component of new artists destined to lead the next generation.

For more information about Christmas In America 2017 on Sunday, Nov. 26 in Tennessee and Saturday, Dec. 9 in Ohio, please visit this link.


Golf Outings


Roundtable golf outings are always a great opportunity to learn more about the organization, enjoy some great golf, and to meet other people desiring to make a positive difference in the nation.

Zion Industries, Inc., hosts its Annual Charity Golf Tournament in Medina, Ohio. Zion Industries and the Puls family graciously designated all proceeds from the event to the work of The American Policy Roundtable, Oaks Family Care Center, and Northern Ohio Youth For Christ.

Join us for next year's outing in 2017!


A Celebration of Liberty


A Celebration of Liberty on The Public Square® commemorates the Fourth of July and the Declaration of Independence. Guests are given an opportunity to be a part of a live radio broadcast of The Public Square®. In 2013 the Celebration was held at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN on Saturday, June 29, 2013 and featured Nicole C. Mullen, David Mullen, The Adventures of Rodeo and Juliet, and The John Hancock Band. This program also featured an inspiring live interview with Roy Costner, the valedictorian from Liberty High School in South Carolina who said the Lord's Prayer at his commencement. Tune in to A Celebration of Liberty 2013

The American Mission®


This 14 week class session is held in academic and church settings where large groups come together for a full training course in American history, Constitutional principles and applied citizenship. Larger congregations usually host The American Mission® series in an adult Sunday School format.

To bring an American Mission® class to your congregation please contact Patty Marountas at (800) 522-VOTE ext. 101 or


Sunday Morning Sermons
Several key Roundtable staff members have been speaking in churches for over thirty years. The combined academic credentials and public ministry experience of the Roundtable staff is significant. More importantly, Pastors and church leaders have come to trust and rely on the Roundtable to bring instruction and inspiration to their congregations on a regular basis.

To request a Roundtable presentation on Sunday Morning contact:
Patty Marountas at (800) 522-VOTE ext. 101 or