When he shrinks back to life-size
By Mr. David Zanotti

Maybe its fun being a giant for a while. The President of the United States has certainly cast a historic shadow over the Office as well as the national political landscape. What was Barack H. Obama's job description before the Presidency? Does anyone remember? He came to the Office from the US Senate at just one-half a term. He came to the US Senate from a brief stint in the Illinois Senate. Before that he taught law (sort of) and briefly in Chicago and before that, we find his real non-governmental work-skill. Barack Obama was a community (read:political) organizer and a darn good one at that. 

Political organizers are very important to America and always have been. Without our first and foremost political organizer, Sam Adams, there would likely not be an America or a Declaration of Independence. So sacrificing one's life for principle and the common good is an essential attribute of a free people. After being chased by the British, a key player in the Declaration drafting and signing and Governor of Massachusetts, Sam Adams left this life with little in his pocketbook. He left a nation, not perfected, but on the pathway to Liberty and Justice for all. It took a long time to get there but Barack Obama crested that hill and did what many had dreamed and died for. He became the President of the United States and was re-elected by overwhelming majorities. 

Now his term is finished and he goes back to life as a private citizen. Supposedly back to the zone where all the rest of us live. Of course we know the modern celebrity Presidency will not permit that much shrinkage of a public life. Mr. Obama is a tremendously gifted man and so the limelight will never leave him. He plans to use that advantage to go back to his first profession - political organizing. He told David Axelrod as much in a recent interview. So, just as Obama for America turned into Organizing for America/Action, now the President plans to aggressively recruit a new team of Progressives to lead the nation. You can read what he said right here; dailycaller.com/2016/12/26/obama-to-muster-organizers-journos-pols-for-next-generation-of-progressive-leaders/

Please take careful note: Mr. Obama is looking for new converts. That is the term he uses in this article. For his world view of Progressivism is as much a religion as it is a philosophy. Thus his zeal for remaking America according to his Progressive imagination will continue. He has no plans to retire. Neither do his friends in the U.S.. Media. Get ready. In just a few months it will be very hard to tell who actually won the race for the White House and the Congress and the US Senate. 

Posted: December 27, 2016, 04:16 PM

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