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The Second Biggest Lie
By Mr. David Zanotti

The biggest lie of the past eight years has been the passage of Obamacare because it was a bill that not one of the Democrats read. The bill was passed in the Senate and the House with only the votes of Democrats. The Republicans did not read it either but they all voted against it. The President, who approved of wedding his name forever to this legislative debacle, never read it. The Democrat majority passed a bill in the dark and pretended they knew the content and the consequence. They did not. 

The second biggest lie is that the Republicans have no alternative legislative plans to replace Obamacare. This is a bold-faced lie. To this very hour the media, including the writers of Saturday Night Live, continue to mock the critics of Obamacare claiming 20 million people will lose their healthcare and some will die because Obamacare will be repealed. Did we mention this is a lie? Not a little lie either but a bold-faced, absent of fact, defiant of evidence, lazy, propaganda-driven steaming pile of nonsensical rhetoric. 

Lots of people, including members of Congress, have put better reform plans together. Several of them on multiple occasions have asked to meet with the President over the past eight years and been flatly ignored. We have had a non-partisan, independent construct of a better healthcare plan here on the APR website for the past five years. Thousands of people have seen it. How in the world the Radical Progressives and their servants in the media have gotten away with stonewalling alternative plans for eight years is simply remarkable.

The truth is, the majority of Americans have not been deceived. The never bought the lie. They voted the Democrats out of the late Teddy Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts in January 2010, one month after the Obamacare passed the Senate. In 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016 the voters turned the Democrats out of office and eventually out of control of the US House and Senate. In 2016, well, you know what happened. Now a Republican President takes office with a Republican House and Senate for the first time since 1922. 

Which tells you where the people are. They never bought the first lie or the second lie. There is a third lie that might actually cost people their lives. Stay tuned for more on that story. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 11:04 PM

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Cursed be Mt. Vernon and Monticello
By Mr. David Zanotti

If Americans had only known... How could the media and Congress ever let a President-elect get away with this? How could such business and land holdings ever be permitted outside of a conflict of interest? How could the people have permitted George Washington to maintain his property and business at Mt.Vernon? How could they have permitted Thomas Jefferson to continue to own Monticello? How could they have missed applying this modern formula to prior Presidents? Once elected, a President must instantly make all his or her business holdings and dealings disappear so that there can be no potential, perceived or insinuated conflict of interest. Is such a rule or doctrine to be found in the U.S.Constitution? If it is, how could Americans have missed it from 1787 until today?

Or is this entire discussion a prefix for the coming attacks on President Donald Trump and his family? Once again, this is not about people not knowing history or the Constitution. This is about the media and the Progressives disregarding the very notion of historical value in prior documents or practice. Remember, history is largely irrelevant to Progressives. Every day Progressives awaken in a new and better world, just because they are here. What is past is irrelevant, unless they can rewrite it or reinterpret it for their own purposes. All that matters to the Progressives is what their current vision is of the future. 

So in their world, Progressives see a day when the President of the United States must enter office a pauper, divested of all assets and wholly dependent upon the federal government. This is their idea of an honest person, best in the position to serve "the American people". One who owns nothing and therefore is not at risk of a conflict of interest. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 10:20 PM

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The Schumer Veto
By Mr. David Zanotti

For Democrat leaders the election of Donald Trump means war. Listen to their statements. Listen to Jerry Brown, the Governor of California. Listen to the threats and the rage. Listen to Chuck Schumer pledging to stop any and every Trump appointment to the Supreme Court from reaching a vote. Can he do that? He certainly can try by using procedural rules in the Senate that require 60 votes for a measure to proceed.

Here is a prediction: by the end of January, the US media will be working around the clock to support the Senate minority leader's total filibuster of anything President Trump suggests. Democrats will have a fully-funded round the clock war room working to defeat anything and everything Trump. The Dems and the media will be telling us it is impossible to replace Obamacare unless the defeated minority approves of the changes. And lets remember, none of these hyper-partisan career politicians have likely ever read the full text of Obamacare. There is no record that President Obama ever read what he named.

They did not read it in 2009 or 2010. They did not read it in 2012 or when it began to fail. They will not read it in a box they will not read it, not even FOX. They will tell us we can never change that healthcare is and will remain something only they can do. Because they are the chosen few.


Wednesday, January 04, 2017, 07:09 PM

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When he shrinks back to life-size
By Mr. David Zanotti

Maybe its fun being a giant for a while. The President of the United States has certainly cast a historic shadow over the Office as well as the national political landscape. What was Barack H. Obama's job description before the Presidency? Does anyone remember? He came to the Office from the US Senate at just one-half a term. He came to the US Senate from a brief stint in the Illinois Senate. Before that he taught law (sort of) and briefly in Chicago and before that, we find his real non-governmental work-skill. Barack Obama was a community (read:political) organizer and a darn good one at that. 

Political organizers are very important to America and always have been. Without our first and foremost political organizer, Sam Adams, there would likely not be an America or a Declaration of Independence. So sacrificing one's life for principle and the common good is an essential attribute of a free people. After being chased by the British, a key player in the Declaration drafting and signing and Governor of Massachusetts, Sam Adams left this life with little in his pocketbook. He left a nation, not perfected, but on the pathway to Liberty and Justice for all. It took a long time to get there but Barack Obama crested that hill and did what many had dreamed and died for. He became the President of the United States and was re-elected by overwhelming majorities. 

Now his term is finished and he goes back to life as a private citizen. Supposedly back to the zone where all the rest of us live. Of course we know the modern celebrity Presidency will not permit that much shrinkage of a public life. Mr. Obama is a tremendously gifted man and so the limelight will never leave him. He plans to use that advantage to go back to his first profession - political organizing. He told David Axelrod as much in a recent interview. So, just as Obama for America turned into Organizing for America/Action, now the President plans to aggressively recruit a new team of Progressives to lead the nation. You can read what he said right here; dailycaller.com/2016/12/26/obama-to-muster-organizers-journos-pols-for-next-generation-of-progressive-leaders/

Please take careful note: Mr. Obama is looking for new converts. That is the term he uses in this article. For his world view of Progressivism is as much a religion as it is a philosophy. Thus his zeal for remaking America according to his Progressive imagination will continue. He has no plans to retire. Neither do his friends in the U.S.. Media. Get ready. In just a few months it will be very hard to tell who actually won the race for the White House and the Congress and the US Senate. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016, 04:16 PM

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What of this new music?
By Mr. David Zanotti

Several requests have come in for a written description of the experiences we went through finding and developing the new music of Fanny Crosby in the new album "1915: Christmas with Fanny Crosby." We deeply appreciate the interest from so many but have decided that this process is a proprietary trade secret which we will not be disclosing to the general public. JUST KIDDING!

Mrs. Crosby's life is so compelling in both challenge and joy that we commend researching her story and her music to EVERYONE. We have been doing this for the past five years or so now. There are excellent biographies of her life available as well as her two autobiographies. Yes, she wrote two because she didn't expect to live as long as she did. You will also find several programs about her amazing life at thepublicsquare.com.

The music for "1915: Christmas with Fanny Crosby" was put together from research on lost hymnals that disappeared from common use many years ago. Many of the pages from these hymnals can still be found in libraries and online. We found a number of songs written by Mrs. Crosby that seemed right for this project so we began the work of putting them to new music and then matching up leading artists to perform them. Most of the texts are from the mid-1800's. The music was written by British songwriters Chris Eaton and John Hartley who share numerous hits, credits and awards particularly in the area of writing music for the celebration of Christmas. 

All of this is a part of "Heaven's Encore: The New Fanny Crosby Project"TM. We are hoping to bring the rich Biblical content of Mrs. Crosby's writing back to contemporary music and worship experiences. The vehicle for distributing this new music is The Public Square® network. You can hear these programs on nearly 200 stations coast to coast AND anytime, anywhere by downloading our secure, convenient and really cool phone app. Did we mention you can do all this for free - including visiting us at thepublicsquare.com anytime to download the "Heaven's Encore" project as well as "Christmas in America"?

If you hurry, you can still get copies of "1915: Christmas with Fanny Crosby" in time for gift-giving this year. The reviews of the new album are wonderful. Please get your copy today for a suggested donation of just $10 per copy. All proceeds got to further the mission of The Public Square®. Your gifts are the reason we are able to continue to bring this music back to the world and broadcast it across the nation. Thank you for your continued partnership and support. 

Friday, December 16, 2016, 11:21 AM

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