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A deer in the headlights of denial
By Mr. David Zanotti

The lessons of Parkland are a portal into the real problem of active shooters and soft targets in the United States. The real problem is not courage or physical ability or resources. The real problem is denial. As the layers of the Parkland tragedy continue to unfold we find trusted people and institutions dropping more balls, missing more assignments and standing like a deer frozen in the headlights. All the media rhetoric is near hysteria from people who are emotionally charged but disconnected from reality. Parkland is a window into the hollow mindset of denial. 

Please join us at thepublicsquare.com and listen in to this week's broadcast. We are talking about the biblical and historical alternative to denial and the pathway to a safer life. 

Friday, February 23, 2018, 06:57 AM

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Not an easy message
By Mr. David Zanotti

Listener response to our recent broadcast on the State of the Union address was... mixed - to say the best. One listener wrote in and blasted us for being racists and in the tank for Donald Trump. Another wrote in accusing us of being Anti-Trumpers. Both people listened to the same radio broadcast and heard two completely different messages. Or did they hear at all?

Of course, the program we share with the world called The Public Square is not a perfect program. The people writing, producing and contributing to the programs are all imperfect people prone to the fall of man just like everyone else. We are all sinners here and none of us does our job to perfection or even close. That said, there is another element at play here. Our message is a hard one. It is not easy to hear. We call ourselves and those who choose to listen-in to a pathway toward objective, revealed, transcendent Truth. Yes, that is a capital "T" because the word is of paramount importance and it is uniquely connected to a Person, that being the Creator and Supreme Judge of the Universe. That is the way the Framers of the American idea defined Almighty God. 

Our message is a hard one because it is difficult to talk about God in a world where so many would rather pretend to be him. 

It is also a difficult message because we call one another to the founding precept that the American equation of civil government is built upon the biblical principle of the consent of the governed. That means, as George Washington so clearly stated: "The power of the Constitution will always be in the people" (Letter to Bushrod Washington, November 10, 1787). Which means if we don't like what our government is doing, we have the responsibility to change the policies by replacing the people elected to represent us. And that takes time, money and effort which cuts against our lifestyle choices. 

In other words, it is a lot easier to have an opinion, even to express it, than to act responsibly upon that informed conscience. That is why our message goes down hard. We recognize we all have to do something or the nation will get worse. Most people don't want to hear that hard truth. That's why we have spent nearly 40 years building tools and opportunities to help share and lighten this work load.

No, ours is not an easy message. Not everyone is willing to hear it. Which is why we close so many broadcasts and blogs by saying, "Thanks for listening."

You can hear the "controversial" broadcast here: thepublicsquare.com/what-does-civil-war-look-like/


Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 05:22 AM

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Missing the FISA Point
By Mr. David Zanotti

If we could halt the drama queens on cable news just long enough to get a serious question into the "Memo Debate", the question would be:"What authority does the FBI have to abrogate the rights of a U.S. Citizen and strip them of their right to privacy without probable cause?" The second question would be, "If proximity to a political enemy of high-ranking FBI partisans is basis enough to lose your rights, then who among us is safe?"


Tuesday, February 06, 2018, 07:27 PM

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Trump's "Freedom Man" Moment
By Mr. David Zanotti



I don't like long speeches. I don't like making them and especially listening to them. When I heard that President Trump's first State of the Union address would hit an hour and ten minutes I prayed for a rain out. But because public policy is our field of mission, I listened. At one hour and twenty minutes I was still in the game for one simple reason: It was a great moment of story-telling artistry. And I never thought I could or would say that about anything Donald Trump spoke in public.

Whoever wrote that speech deserves a million dollar bonus. Not tax dollars, however, because that would be scandalous but a real private sector bonus. The optics of the speech were so powerful that even Trump-haters were melting in their own rage. 

The highlight of the evening was the way the stories built one upon the next, each one more poignant and powerful. The amazing diversity and humanity of each story, the moral of each moment. Then came the story of Ji Seong-Ho of North Korea. How he suffered and nearly died of starvation on the train tracks of North Korea. How he was mutilated in a train accident and lost his leg. How he was hounded and tortured by the North Korean government and how he fled to freedom hiking hundreds of miles on his crutches. Then he stood and held those crutches in the air for all to see. 


Even the pouting, protesting Democrats had to rise in applause.


This moment was much like Ronald Reagan’s "Hello Freedom Man" story that he told twice in his administration, including it in his Farewell Address to the nation. It was a story of Indonesian refugees fleeing communism in the middle of the sea on a creaky boat hoping to be rescued by the Americans. As an American ship came near the refugee boat a man stood up and waived to the sailors, "Hello Freedom Man" he cried. That was Ronald Reagan's message. We represent Liberty and Freedom to the world. 

That was Ji Seong-Ho's point from the gallery of the House chamber. His raised crutches told the whole story. 



Tuesday, January 30, 2018, 10:38 PM

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Please don't get fooled
By Mr. David Zanotti

The great political shell game is in full swing. Please dear friends, let us all be careful to not get caught in the politics of the hour and miss the point. What is happening on Capitol Hill right now is being scripted in the board rooms of political consultants who are raising huge budgets to conquer the Congress in 2018. This is electoral politics on steroids. Every issue, every statement, every move is designed to manipulate public opinion and turn votes in the House and Senate races of 2018. Yes, there are people who manipulate opinions and politics for a living and they make a great deal of money doing so. They are pulling the strings right now. 

The Government Shutdown is theater for the Elite Ruling Class. It is all a staged act to win House and Senate seats for 2018. Very sad for the good people who work for all of us in federal positions and people in real need. But it is the Party Bosses that are controlling this game, not We the People. Please keep your dial turned to The Public Square as we expose this conspiracy in plain sight and turn the lights on the most corrupt institution in America - the United States Senate. 

Monday, January 22, 2018, 08:19 AM

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