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Are we missing a Christmas blessing?
By Mr. David Zanotti

This year we are celebrating Christmas in America on The Public Square. This is not a commitment based on commercialism. The Roundtable is  a non-profit mission to America. We start each broadcast year with Christmas as our first priority because what happened in the manger changes all of human history. Here, at the manger is where our search for truth, justice, liberty and righteousness begins. It begins with the ultimate gift of love. "For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given..." so wrote the ancient Hebrew prophet Isaiah. This year Christmas in America features the release of a brand new album of inspiring Christmas music based on the lost lyrics of America's most famous hymn writer Fanny Crosby. The story of this new album is remarkable. The artists participating in this project are world-class. The world premiere in Nashville was a tremendous evening. 

Yet, in spite of this world-changing, even ETERNITY changing Good News, we find it is like pulling teeth to get people to attend and promote Christmas in America. Sorry to be so brutally honest but it seems like even the people, the churches, the leaders who claim to be Christians are too busy to care, to share, to celebrate. Is there no room at the Inn for Him still?

There is only one chance left to join the live audience for this performance in Cleveland, Ohio on December 10. For details please visit thepublicsquare.com. Nationwide, you can join in this tremendous blessing by obtaining your CD copy of "1915-Christmas with Fanny Crosby". This album contains almost all the music from the live performances by the original artists. This special project is available ONLY at thepublicsquare.com. Copies are flying off the shelves. This new, unique Christmas celebration makes a wonderful First Gift of the Christmas Season. All proceeds from this project are dedicated to expanding the non-profit mission of The Public Square, spreading the light of liberty across the land. 

This is a call... to the true Spirit of Christmas. 

Saturday, December 03, 2016, 03:46 AM

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Soros Will Not Wait
By Mr. David Zanotti

George Soros won't take a break for the Holidays. He and his billionaire network of Progressive leaders are already meeting and planning and funding their next moves. This time the goal is to destroy Donald Trump. Soros and his network despise the American model of civil government. They despise the first principles of the Founding and the shared history of the West. They foster division in societies. They believe in dividing people so as to conquer them and control their assets. One thing is certain: George Soros is not used to losing. 

So what is a thinking, caring person to do? Should we run away and hide? Should we not expose the evil within the Soros agenda and the Progressive Left. If we pull the covers up high enough will these warriors and their crusade against the West simply disappear? 

They are counting on you being afraid and running away. Counting on you hiding your piggy bank under the bed. Counting on you being more interested in protecting your retirement than your liberty. Counting on you believing the media and the fear mongers and the race baiters. 

What if they were met by and army of prayer? 

Monday, November 21, 2016, 04:50 PM

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Beware the Experts
By Mr. David Zanotti

If this past election bears a lesson for us at all, it must certainly be that we should al be very careful about trusting "the experts". Very few people were even close to understanding this election and the issues facing voters. There are reasons people who are supposed to be so right get it so wrong. 

Now "the experts" are telling us how the majority of American have long favored getting rid of the Electoral College. Can we talk here? Do any of these experts take the time to first find out if the people they are polling know the first thing about the Electoral College? 

This is a big subject. It flows from our shared history and takes lots of time to read, study and explore. When "experts" liken the Electoral College to a buggy whip or some irrelevant, outdated piece of junk, they are not telling the truth. When people rail against what they have never studied therefore cannot understand they may as well be making a case against Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. 

Every time the Progressive/Left does not get their way in a national election they pitch a fit against the rules. The tantrums against the Electoral College are now, once again, in full swing.The grown ups in the room need to beware. Had the Prog/Left won the election in their projected Electoral College landslide - they would have been boasting of their amazing victory and stating "We won with 320 votes by 8:30 pm!" They can claim no such victory - so now the rules are unfair. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016, 07:19 AM

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What Just Happened?
By Mr. David Zanotti

There were not many people who predicted let alone anticipated the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. The question is - what really happened? Please join us on this week's discussion on The Public Square as we break down the results from behind the scenes on Election Night. Just log onto thepublicsquare.com and please -- tell a friend.


Friday, November 11, 2016, 05:48 PM

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It's Time
By Mr. David Zanotti

The final hours of the 2016 Election are now upon us. Now, "We the People" decide who will fill the seats the Constitution requires and represent us in the state and federal governments. Many of us are also facing important ballot issues that will pass or fail based on the ballots we cast. On Election Day your vote counts just as much as the vote of the President of the United States or the richest person in the nation. It is a sobering responsibility - a compact we all share with each other and with those who have gone before. 

This voting process is intimidating - no matter who you are. It is a sacred trust and no honest person wants to make a mistake and mess up an election. So many stay home because they feel that they are not prepared, don't have the facts or just have not got their homework done on time. This is why we designed iVoters.com - a simple website that brings you a preview of the races you will see on your specific ballot before you enter the voting booth. iVoters.com is free. There is no connection to any political party or campaign. iVoters is non-partisan. We will share both sides of races from the Statehouse to the White House, as best we can, and NEVER try to tell anyone who to vote for. Those decisions are uniquely yours. iVoters.com does NO data mining. We don't know the names of anyone who visits - by design. There are no ads, no tricks or traps to get you on a mailing list. 

iVoters.com does the homework for you - so you can vote with confidence, based on the facts. Please take a moment and visit iVoters.com and please-tell a friend. 


Friday, November 04, 2016, 04:26 AM

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