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Thank You Augusta National
By Mr. David Zanotti

They did it again. The members of Augusta National took the risk in the modern world of bad behavior and digital disrespect. They opened the gates of one of the world's most beautiful parks and let thousands of people watch a golf tournament. They extended invitations to scores of international golf associations from across the globe. They hosted qualified players of nearly every race, creed, color and age, including a host of kids. 

It amazes me every year that these "traditionalists" at Augusta National take the risk to host a massive event such as this with the whole world watching. They do it based on the core beliefs of their founder Bobby Jones. He was a God-fearing amateur athlete, family man and legendary champion. He quit golf to go to work full-time, after winning four major championships in a single year -- as an amateur.

This week on The Public Square® we go inside the ropes of the PGA Tour with Paul Tesori, caddy for US Open Champion Webb Simpson. The broadcast is already touching lives. We hope you will tune in and share the program with a friend.

And to the champion, Bubba Watson -- how can we not love this guy? Below is a photo of the 2014 Masters Champion with his wife, pastor and friends celebrating their Sunday victory at the Waffle House. Exactly right...

Monday, April 14, 2014, 09:03 AM

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Please Go See This Movie
By Mr. David Zanotti

Maybe you were guessing the movie pick would be "Noah" or "God Isn't Dead". Not this time. Might I suggest a film that every American from the Junior High age up should see? The pic is the latest "Captain America" film. Why spend the dough to see the picture? Because it is a modern parable about the grave dangers of a culture that forgets its true history and first principles. It is also a prophetic analysis of what is coming to a world where data mining combines with political corruption to annihilate Liberty. Spoiler alert: Captain America gets it right and saves the day. The way he does so is well worth considering. If you don't like the theater, please see this film via On Demand, or when it becomes available on iTunes, Amazon, etc. This is an important statement to American culture. A warning of the world that is coming unless somebody wakes up and remembers. 

Wednesday, April 09, 2014, 09:59 PM

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Obamacare: The Laughter Continues
By Mr. David Zanotti

The very same day the President declared the debate on Obamacare was over, America's top comics were just getting warmed up. It is easy to understand why the President wants people to shut up about his signature law. After all, who would want to debate a 2500+page law they signed but never read? Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon lampooned the White House victory speech on Obamacare with the following:

“The White House says it has surpassed its goal for people enrolled in Obamacare. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory and fine people if they don’t do it and then keep extending the deadline for months,” Fallon quipped. “It’s like a Cinderella story. It’s just a beautiful thing. You make everyone do it.”

“If you still haven’t enrolled, you might have to pay a penalty called the ‘Individual Shared Responsibility Payment,’ which is 1 percent of your salary,” he continued. “Then Americans said, ‘hey, good thing I don’t have a job."


Wednesday, April 02, 2014, 08:32 AM

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Hobby lobby is the model
By Mr. David Zanotti

Thanks to Obamacare the nation is facing another constitutional challenge. Today the US Supreme Court is hearing arguments on the Hobby Lobby case. This case is happening for a reason. Congress passed a law without reading it. The President signed the law without reading it. Secretary Sebelius acknowledged before Congress that she and her team did not consider the First Amendment when they put together this massive  legislation. 

Now the Court will try once again to make sense out of the shoddy workmanship of Obamacare. An honest decision would declare the law a clear violation of the First Amendment and send the law back to Congress with a giant "F" across the page. If Congress and the President fail to do their homework, why should honest working people suffer by losing their liberties?

Will the Supreme Court find the courage to judge this law fairly this time around?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 11:32 AM

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Spinning won't help
By Mr. David Zanotti

Wow, they are trying so hard. You can hear the spin cycle running so hard and fast that it sounds like a washing machine on steroids. Only problem is they have way too much stuff in this cycle. The loss of Alex Sink in Florida District 13 is clanging loud and hard across the nation -- JUST AS (watch this) the loss of Republican David Jolly would have.

Both sides, the D's and R's, wanted this race desperately. When it is all told they may have spent over $12 Million on a single Congressional race in a single Florida County in just an eight week race. That is over $1 Million dollars spent per week on media in a single County to influence 350,000 voters. This includes lots of outside organizations who spent most of the money and GOOD FOR THEM! People have the right to free speech. People all over the nation care about the makeup of Congress. They have the right to give money and spend money in Florida. And for all the media people whining about outside spending -- you don't see a single one of their media bosses giving back a dime of the advertising dollars they earned in this race. Can we all think about that for just a moment?

If Jolly lost this race the Republicans would have been on the major spin cycle. If he had lost, it would have shown that the horrors of facing up to Obamacare had passed and people just don't care anymore about controlling their health care choice. But such is not the case. People do still care. Yes, some have given up or have yet to even wake up to the tragedy of the attempted take over. But the message of FL 13 is basic -- most people don't like it. They don't like Obamacare and they are sick and tired of the atmosphere created by the dominant political party. They are tired of being bullied by the ruling class in D.C.

(Note to John Boehner -- this could be you and your power players next. People are fed up with all the political hypocrites who pass laws they don't read and try to bully/manipulate the voters. We the people may not be all that bright but we do get tired of being told how stupid DC politicians think we are.)

The people of Pinellas County took out their brooms. They swept the Obama/Clinton big government candidate out of town and back to where she came from. Yep, it actually happened and it might happen again in November in districts across the nation. It just might -- and that is what has the ruling class in DC very nervous today.

Read more here: thehill.com/campaign-columnists/200641-jessica-taylor-spinning-fla-race-wont-fix-problems


Thursday, March 13, 2014, 11:14 AM

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