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"There is only us"
By Mr. David Zanotti

iSIS destroys historical sites and artifacts. The media is filled with pictures and stories of the destruction. This form of terrorism is designed to cut humanity off from the memories and lessons of the past. There is also a tremendous profit margin in the process. Check out the APR headlines section to read the full article from The Independent which tells the rest of the story.


Thursday, September 03, 2015, 04:18 AM

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The real war on women
By Mr. David Zanotti

Is there a force on earth that demeans women more than Islam? From 600 AD until today has any organized effort viewed women with less respect? Is there a greater crime being executed upon women today than the ISIS sex-slave camps recently unveiled by the New York Times?

Are Americans who refuse to even acknowledge this evil actually emowering it? 

Friday, August 28, 2015, 01:56 AM

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Will the Awakening Come?
By Mr. David Zanotti

The first Great Awakening in America did not begin with an evangelistic campaign to unbelievers or those disaffected by the Anglican church. The Awakening of the 1700's began in church pews, with people who held to personal faith but had fallen far away from living a truly faithful, fruiful life. Times were good, perhaps so good that the edge of concern for survival or for daily bread had diminished. Prosperity had blunted the passion of the founding vision. Revival came when people took a serious look at themselves and the troubles around them and repented. From that point the movement expanded to the tents and meetings and all the rest. Honest historians include this cultural shift as a significant contribution to the mindset that birthed the Declaration of Independence and the War for Independence. 

When people of faith awaken things change in America. Here is the question - will the videos unmasking the horror chambers inside Planned Parenthood awaken people of faith and good will to look in the mirror? Will we have the courage to acknowledge the mortal precipice upon which our liberties are now hanging? Will we shed the tears for what has happened on our watch, while we have all been "too busy" to keep up with the news, or the laws, or "politics"? 

Yes, people of faith have kept the lights on in the debate for life. Crisis Pregnancy Centers and the churches and individuals who support them are to be commended but let's be honest here. If what has been done to date was enough then we would not be looking at these Planned Parenthood videos. Let's not kid ourselves. We the people of faith have been ducking the final frontier, which is honest, non-partisan, faithful civil service in government and electoral politics for a generation. We delegated that job to the political parties and gave at the office. While we have been so comfortable letting someone else do our work, Planned Parenthood has been running a killing field with our tax dollars. Now we have the information. We cannot hide. 

Unless we choose to look the other way.

Will the Awakening come?

Please watch this video and decide for yourself and your household.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015, 07:26 PM

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Tired of American Media?
By Mr. David Zanotti

Are you tired of the American Media? Tired of trying to gain information in the middle of a crossfire between two wholly partisan, agenda driven branches of the "American Press"? For years we have all tried to give the media the benefit of the doubt. We have tried to keep believing that "the 4th Estate" actually was looking out for all of us and the good of the country. Can we end that conversation now? The American Media is an electronic processing machine dedicated to creating entertainment news that markets products to certain demographic groups. The Media does not objectively report anything. Everyday they use news, politics, government and law as the idea base for creating dramatic presentations that look like news but are mostly agenda. At night they hire pretty people to entertain us by creating psuedo-arguments with even less realistic "solutions".

Call me skeptical. No cynical. No better yet -- just call me done with all this nonsense. Whether it is FOX on the Republican side (but not necessarily the conservative side) or MSNBC shilling for the Radical Left and the Democrat machine, or all the rest of the networks, papers, and radio cartels -- IT IS THE SAME GAME. Pick a market, pick a side, sell the product and repeat. Day after day, night after night. So what do we do? 

Stay tuned. There is more. 

Monday, August 17, 2015, 04:51 PM

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FOX the biggest loser
By Mr. David Zanotti

After days of feedback on the recent Republican Debate the results are clear. The biggest loser from the media event was the host agency: FOX News Channel. Viewers were hoping for a conversation on important policy issues. Instead they got a hyped up reality TV show provoked by the three host/moderators. We will spare the specific criticism of each host out of common courtesy. There are plenty of examples to go around beginning with the absurd open of the discussion with the question uniquely designed to attack Donald Trump. From there it got worse. Fortunately the candidates worked around the poor job done by the FOX panel and provided some worthwhile conversations on issues that matter most. 

A special tip of the hat to Mike Huckabee for one of the best one-liners of the night. The Supreme Court, lamented Huckabee, "is not the Supreme Being".

In the end, FOX lost a lot of credibility as a network seeking to be "fair and balanced". They just plain messed up a really important event. Instead of a Presidential debate, they treated the entire process like it was just one more nightly talk fest where the host is the boss and the primary focus. They forgot about the viewers. 

FOX will respond to the critics by pointing to the ratings for the event. Those numbers are impressive. Had CNN or a different cable channel landed the first debate they would have scored just as well. FOX was fortunate to be first in the line. Too bad they did such a poor job with such a great opportunity to serve the nation. 

Saturday, August 08, 2015, 10:15 PM

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