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No Wonder Congress Ranks Last
By Mr. David Zanotti

It is a great sadness in America today. A sadness that would truly grieve men like John Adams, Benjamin Rush, Sam Adams and James Madison. To see what the political party bosses have done to the US Congress would truly disturb any patriot of the Founding Era. Little wonder the US Congress ranks last among the institutions of society on the issue of being "trustworthy". The Members of Congress have done this to themselves.

Recent headlines over a "sit-in" by House Democrats protesting for more gun control legislation is a perfect example. Seizing upon the tragic deaths and injuries inflicted upon innocent lives in Orlando,House Democrats are turning that tragedy into a politcal circus. Refusing, as they always do, to deal with radical Jihad and terrorism, House Democrats are pretending that passing another law against gun ownership will raise the dead, or end the suffering or stop terrorism. 

Wouldn't it be nice if they were right - if evil in the world could be whisked away by the power of a political speech, an electronic vote and a news conference where members of Congress congratulate themselves? Wouldn't it be great if cable-news talking heads and editorial boards could end terrorism by the power of all their rhetoric?

Yet after al these years of trying to "Shame"people into conformity, the reality is - radical Islamic terrorists don't follow the lead of Congressional elitists. Those same members of Congress travel nowhere in public today without armed protection.

The truth is, House Democrats and their consultants are convinced that their "sit-in" and their rhetoric will impact weak-minded voters. They think all of us out here are too stupid to figure out that once again the radical Left is seizing upon a crisis they cannot solve in order to maintain their political power. 

No wonder most people just can't stand the US Congress. 

This blog is written by a non-NRA member. No funding for this expression of thought is paid for or influenced by  the NRA or the Republican Party. Common Sense knows no political bounds. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016, 08:49 AM

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By Mr. David Zanotti

Will the Progressives win? Will they succeed in passing more gun control laws and if they do, will those laws have any impact on stopping radical jihadists intent on killing anyone who disagrees with their agenda? O.K. -- that is clearly too many questions in one sequence, especially if you have not had a few cups of morning coffee. This week we enter the studio at The Public Square in hope of parsing out these questions. We would appreciate your prayers.

Please understand, we don't take on this issue from the realm of stereotypes. We understand that real people have sold out to or bought into the poltical agenda of the Progressive Left. Their thoughts are printed on real pages from history dating back to at least the 1900's. There is nothing new here. This agenda, driven by people holding elite positions of power and wealth, has been around a long, long time. 

So has the ethic of life, the value of the individual and the right to self-defense. So in this debate, we have a clash of worldviews. In the midst of it - we will try to shed some light. We do not approach this subject as Republicans. Our organization is independent. We take no money from the NRA, nor am I an NRA member, nor have I ever been a member. We approach this subject without affiliation but to the principle of the value of every human life. 

You can join in the discussion at thepublicsquare.com. 

Monday, June 20, 2016, 10:38 AM

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What if they use bombs and knives?
By Mr. David Zanotti

The Progressive Left has organized around a central theme. It is their orchestrated response to the rising death toll from radical Islamist terror. Together they are chanting in the media, on the streets and even on the floor of Congress a uniform mantra. They are all calling for a  federal law, even a federal dictate that will make guns disappear from the American landscape. They are trying to convince the world that if we get rid of guns we will eliminate radical Islamic terrorism. 

It does not take a lot of thought to see the futility of this initiative. All the laws in the world will not remove the guns that exist in America today. No law can make the existing guns disappear let alone the new forms of weaponry that are already being developed. Lawbreakers will have no trouble securing those weapons but there is a much deeper question here. What if the terrorists choose a different weapon? What if they use bombs, perhaps the pressure cookers and nails at the Boston Marathon, or knives as in the case of the husband and wife slaughtered in France before the eyes of their three-year old son?

Is it possible that the honest answer to radical Islamist terror is not simply material but in fact deeply spiritual? We can shout louder about guns, as they have on the floor of Congress this week, but all the shouting will not stop the tears in France or across Europe or in Texas, Massachusetts, Tennessee, New York, Oklahoma, California or Florida tonight. 

There has to be a better answer. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016, 07:45 PM

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The Mayor is on to his reward
By Mr. David Zanotti

I spent a lot of time with George Voinovich, the man with an awkward ethnic name that should have kept him out of politics. I met him when he was the Mayor of Cleveland Ohio in 1986. To me, he never stopped being the man I first met, the Mayor of Cleveland, who wasn't supposed to be there but managed to win election after election for an entire lifetime.

I had the privilege to know George Voinovich and his wonderful wife Janet, who survives his passing. As an organization we had the privilege to serve with the Mayor, the Governor and the Senator on a wide number of issues, projects and campaigns. On almost every occasion we worked together in harmony. On a few issues, we disagreed and battled on different sides. None of that ever changed our respect for the Mayor and his integrity.

George Voinovich was a man who loved God, his family and America. He was an honest man, a true leader of profound passion and persistence. I remember the first time I heard him profess his sincere biblical faith in Jesus Christ in public. For thirty years I watched him walk out that faith in public service from the streets of Cleveland to the Statehouse in Columbus then to Washington D.C.. Today, the Mayor crossed the bridge into the Eternal City.

Godspeed, dear friend. May we never forget your example or your smile.  



Sunday, June 12, 2016, 01:10 PM

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The Bigs are Stuck
By Mr. David Zanotti

Do you spend a lot of time watching cable news? I used to but in recent years I hit the wall with the whole process. So every now and then I check in to see what "The Bigs" are talking about then I move on to more interesting material. Last night I heard Megan Kelly interviewing Glenn Beck who was talking about his conversations with other "giants" in talk radio.The subject was "What to do about the Presidential Election". 

Bottom line is "The Bigs" are stuck. They are caught in the net of idolatry, just like most of the rest of us Americans. For over 50 years we have worshipped the Presidency. We have linked our identity and our emotions to the White House. We have permitted the Congress to go into hiding and the Supreme Court to become a cosmic bully. All the while we have played the game of following, or despising, the Great Leader in the White House. Talk radio hosts have made millions in this anti-constitutional paradigm and so have their fellow travelers on cable news networks.

Now they are all stuck. Two candidates are running for office that have historic negatives. There is no hero to lead us. The world cannot be divided into a simplistic playground fight. The Bigs don't know what to talk about. They are finally caught speechless.

Good news is we have a lot more to discover here. Please take a dare and listen to the last few weekend broadcasts of The Public Square. Visit us at thepublicsquare.com and download these free broadcasts. Or download the free phone app and take these programs with you wherever you care to listen. There is a LOT more to talk about in this Election Year. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2016, 08:29 AM

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