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A New Attack on American Business
By Mr. David Zanotti

You probably have not heard about this one yet. Hold on to your hats -- Congress is trying to pass another new regulatory act to punish American business and stop job creation. This report comes to us from David Johnson, former Chairman of the Ohio Manufacters Association.

Opinion Editorial


David W. Johnson

CEO – Summitville Tiles, Inc. & Summitville Laboratories

Former Chairman – Ohio Manufacturer’s Association

Trustee – Ohio Business Alliance Higher Education & the Economy  

June 25, 2010 

New Regulatory Leviathan Unveiled 

As if the massive spending and taxing schemes being promulgated in Washington these days are not enough, there are mountains of new regulations in the works that are about to be enacted into law if Barack Obama and the current ultra liberal Congress have there way. 

One such bill, a relatively obscure yet lethal new regulatory initiative that is currently under consideration, is entitled: The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).  By its title, you would think everybody ought to be supportive of this initiative.  After all, who wants to be exposed to toxic chemicals? 

However, as is often the case with Washington central planning, the devil is in the detail.  Certainly, that is the case with this bill. It is a new, far reaching regulatory act that would empower the EPA to exercise greater control over chemicals used in our industrial processes than the FDA has over the drugs our doctors prescribe or the pesticides that are necessary to grow our foods.   

The TCA Act would, for instance, require never-before-adopted and unproven “exposure assessments” for every single chemical used in an American manufacturing process.  And, it would grant virtual police-state authority to the EPA to implement its provisions. 

This act would, furthermore, propose a new “no harm” or “zero risk” clause for American manufacturers that are in any way touched by chemical products – which means it will apply to 96% of all American manufacturers. This will not only cost companies enormous amounts of dollars in compliance, but a huge amount of time filling out more government paperwork.  Plain and simply, it will make us less competitive in the global marketplace. 

Folks, if you think unemployment is high now, just let bills like the TSC become law.  Let Barack Obama and the current Congress quietly advance their radical left agenda, while we sleep.  In the dark of the night, let them push one after another reckless bill that will cost us more money, cause our taxes to rise higher and further jeopardize our free market system of economics.  What next? Surrender to China? 

The only way to put a stop to this nonsense is to let your voices be heard…on talk radio, with letters to the editor, and at town hall meetings.  Demand that your elected officials be accountable for their actions. And, most of all, make them accountable on Election Day. 

Monday, June 28, 2010, 03:45 PM

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