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What of this new music?
By Mr. David Zanotti

Several requests have come in for a written description of the experiences we went through finding and developing the new music of Fanny Crosby in the new album "1915: Christmas with Fanny Crosby." We deeply appreciate the interest from so many but have decided that this process is a proprietary trade secret which we will not be disclosing to the general public. JUST KIDDING!

Mrs. Crosby's life is so compelling in both challenge and joy that we commend researching her story and her music to EVERYONE. We have been doing this for the past five years or so now. There are excellent biographies of her life available as well as her two autobiographies. Yes, she wrote two because she didn't expect to live as long as she did. You will also find several programs about her amazing life at thepublicsquare.com.

The music for "1915: Christmas with Fanny Crosby" was put together from research on lost hymnals that disappeared from common use many years ago. Many of the pages from these hymnals can still be found in libraries and online. We found a number of songs written by Mrs. Crosby that seemed right for this project so we began the work of putting them to new music and then matching up leading artists to perform them. Most of the texts are from the mid-1800's. The music was written by British songwriters Chris Eaton and John Hartley who share numerous hits, credits and awards particularly in the area of writing music for the celebration of Christmas. 

All of this is a part of "Heaven's Encore: The New Fanny Crosby Project"TM. We are hoping to bring the rich Biblical content of Mrs. Crosby's writing back to contemporary music and worship experiences. The vehicle for distributing this new music is The Public Square® network. You can hear these programs on nearly 200 stations coast to coast AND anytime, anywhere by downloading our secure, convenient and really cool phone app. Did we mention you can do all this for free - including visiting us at thepublicsquare.com anytime to download the "Heaven's Encore" project as well as "Christmas in America"?

If you hurry, you can still get copies of "1915: Christmas with Fanny Crosby" in time for gift-giving this year. The reviews of the new album are wonderful. Please get your copy today for a suggested donation of just $10 per copy. All proceeds got to further the mission of The Public Square®. Your gifts are the reason we are able to continue to bring this music back to the world and broadcast it across the nation. Thank you for your continued partnership and support. 

Friday, December 16, 2016, 11:21 AM

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