What is scientifically natural about same sex marriage? Nothing!
By Dr. Charles McGowen

Love between two persons is not the only justification for marriage. Most of us love our parents, our siblings, our children, our first cousins and our same gender friends. However, there are very sound principles of judgment, genetics and practicality that forbid such unions. Disregard if you chose to, our God and His biblical imperatives, His detestation of the thought of homosexuality, forget morality, forget tradition. Let’s look strictly at the nature, or unnatural aspects, of this insane notion; this dangerous experiment in sociology.

There are laws that forbid incest and polygamy and suspending the laws against same sex marriage will enable (set precedent for) those laws to be thrown to the wind, like chaff. What man of sound judgment would ever think of marrying, or conjugally uniting with, his daughter or son? What mother would likewise consider the same with her son or daughter? One would have to jettison all innate sense of dignity, common sense and reason, if ever those things existed in a person of such repugnant inclination.

Genetically it is dangerous to marry a close relative. Certain mutant genes exist in a majority of the population, in what we physicians refer to as a recessive state; which only express their maladies or deformities when coupled with another recessive gene. The odds of combining those two recessive genes rises exponentially when closely related people procreate.

Practically speaking same sex partners cannot procreate. They must rely upon someone from the opposite sex to impregnate one partner (if both are of the female gender) or rely upon a willing woman to be artificially inseminated with one male partner’s sperm if such a same sex union is the case. In neither situation would the child to be born actually be “theirs,” and only partially one of theirs. Will a child raised under such unnatural conditions also seek a same sex partner? Who knows; the results of the experiment aren‘t in. From a purely pragmatic point of view, when an especially entrepreneurial person (even one who is gay) sets about to raise cattle, thoroughbred race horses or pedigree pets, the only natural and reasonable thing to do is to unite two animals of the opposite sex; that is natural, that is logical and that that‘s exactly what they do. If same sex marriage becomes the rule for homosexuals, coupled with abortion on demand for heterosexuals, what in the world will become of future generations?

Posted: May 07, 2013, 07:16 AM

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