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Kudos to Pope Benedict; a Consummate Pro-life Advocate
By Dr. Chuck McGowen

Once again President Obama seems patently ignorant of the real world. He actually wanted to reward Ms Caroline Kennedy Schlosser for supporting his election by assigning to her the long held position as the United States Ambassador to the Vatican. We are all quite aware of Obama’s dim view regarding issues related to the sanctity of life, but how blind could he actually be regarding the Pope’s opinion pertaining to his lifting of the ban on embryonic stem cell research and other vital pro-life issues? Both he and Ms. Schlosser (nee Kennedy) vigorously support the Supreme Court’s regrettable January 1973 decision in the case of Roe vs. Wade which has resulted in the murder of 52 million American citizens residing in the wombs of their American mothers over the past 36 years.

Andrea Tornielli, the biographer of Pope Benedict XVI, said that at least two other prospective ambassadors submitted by President Obama have also been rejected because they did not share the Vatican’s views on “pro-life” issues. Obama’s submission of Caroline Kennedy Schlosser’s name makes about as much sense as if President Eisenhower had thoughtlessly selected Senator Joseph McCarthy to be the United States’ ambassador to the Kremlin in 1952.

Raymond Flynn, a devout Roman Catholic, and an earlier US Ambassador to the Vatican, informed the Boston Herald that the views held by Ms. Kennedy Schlosser, were “problematic”. That was as euphemistic a way to put the dilemma as Flynn could iterate. The former Ambassador also said, “It’s imperative, it’s essential that the person who represents us to the Holy See be a person who has pro-life values.”

The ties of the Obamas to the former patrons of the legendary Camelot are strong, for even the critically ill Senator Ted Kennedy made the effort to gift Obama’s children with a pet Portuguese water dog they have affectionately named Bo. In case you haven’t noticed, like everything else he does, even his daughters’ pet calls attention to the President; the dog is now and evermore labeled with the President’s initials: BO=Barach Obama.

Pope Benedict XVI is not the least bit impressed by the famous Irish Catholics from Hyannis Port, Mass. What truly impresses this Pope is a strict biblical code of conduct and a strong Christian worldview; a position that he used quite effectively to keep his predecessor Pope John Paul (who frequently sought his counsel and biblical wisdom) sailing the straight and narrow sea lanes in what Benedict has recently called “a sea of relativism” that is about to spiritually drown the naive and unsuspecting


Sunday, April 26, 2009, 07:42 AM

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