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We All Began Life as a Stem Cell
By Dr. Chuck McGowen


If you happen to believe that stem cells are insignificant single celled creatures like the amoeba, think again; that is unless you happen to consider yourself as being insignificant. When one of your father’s sperm impregnated your mother’s ovum (egg), a soul was added from God above and your humanity began; aside from your size and the number of cells making up your body, your being contained every bit of genetic information that you would be having until the day you die.

The sperm contained 23 of your father’s 46 chromosomes and the ovum 23 of your mother’s 46 chromosomes. If you are a male the Y sex chromosome was contributed and if you are a female dad contributed an X sex chromosome; men being XY and women being XX relative to those particular DNA and gene baring chromosomes. The other 44 chromosomes that make up your humanity (known as autosomes) determined such uniquely “you” characteristics as skin, hair and eye color, height, bone structure, intelligence capacity, vocal characteristics, athletic ability, etc.

Within seconds after the conception of your fully human life the chromosomes doubled and split and that first cell divided; with each new cell having the same genetic component of 46 chromosomes. By the 15th day of cell replication you reached the stage of human development known as the blastocyst. At the point your cell lines began to organize and differentiate into three individual cell layers; the endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm.

It is at this point that embryonic stem cell researchers would like to have you in their laboratories so as to experiment and hopefully develop the means to make the cells in your blastocyst into organs and tissues for other people that they consider more worthy of life than you. By the way, the current President of the United States shares that same low opinion of you and other humans at this stage in development. Of course you don’t have the capacity to speak up for yourself at the blastocyst stage of your human development and so others like me who value your unique and promising life have to do the speaking for you.

From the endoderm you acquired your gastrointestinal tract from the inside of your mouth to the rectum. Also deriving from that layer were your digestive organs (the liver and pancreas), the thyroid, parathyroids, urinary bladder, gall bladder and bile ducts and lungs; each one a very special and vital part of what had been you from your one cell large existence. The mesodermal layer ultimately developed your cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels), skeletal muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones (as well as your blood cell forming bone marrow), the smooth muscles surrounding your stomach and intestines, the kidneys and your spleen. Finally the ectoderm gave rise to your skin and its appendages (oil and sweat glands plus hair), the central nervous system (which includes your brain and spinal cord) and peripheral sensory, motor and autonomic nerves.

Whether someone chooses to end your life at the moment of conception, when you are composed of a single stem cell and a soul, at the 15 day, 3 cell layer blastocyst stage, in the 2nd or 3rd trimester of your mom’s pregnancy, just as you are being delivered through the means of a partial birth abortion or with a shot gun ten minutes after you are born, and have suckled at your mom’s breast, you will have been murdered. Think about that the next time you cast your vote for a pro-abortion vs. a pro-life candidate for congress, the senate or the presidency of our great nation.

Monday, April 06, 2009, 07:47 AM

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