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Four Decades of Sacrificing to Moloch
By Dr. Chuck McGowen

Between 264 and 146 BC three wars (The Punics) were waged between the Romans and the Carthaginians. Commenting on the last of those conflicts, GK Chesterton, remarked, “If the Romans had not won, Europe would be dotted with idols to Carthage’s false god Moloch instead of great cathedrals.” The pagans of that ancient, North African coastal city had constructed a huge brass idol of their false god Moloch with his mouth gaping open like an insatiable glutton. In his honor the Carthaginians would regularly fire up the space beneath the idol and when the metallic icon was white hot they would sacrifice their babies into Moloch’s mouth to appease that satanic, mute and impotent god of paganism. Archeology has confirmed the fact of those infanticides by finding millions of small human bones in the ruins of the temple in that archaic city in what is now Tunisia.

Forty years ago, on January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court of the United States declared the sacrifice of our babies to the false gods of hedonism (personal pleasure), selfishness (personal interest) and sexual indulgence (free love) a legal right; a “right of privacy.”. Since then, every year, 1.5 million of our future citizens have been delivered into the metaphorical mouth of Moloch. Once again, the only voices shouting out against such outrage are pro-life groups; the main voice emanating from the Holy Sea in Rome and the church’s ubiquitous Cardinals and Bishops. Rome is again rising up against the worshipers of Moloch. The voices in Protestant pulpits have been strangely and eerily silent, or at best muted, in the face of what should be, by all reasonable biblical standards their utter detestation of the continued slaughter; at this point having reached 60 million lives. Had they been more outraged, fewer of their congregants would have voted to retain an administration in Washington that also bows to other Molochs in regard to the sanctity of life.

Is it any wonder, given the mind set in our nation regarding the lack of purpose and meaning of every life that is conveyed in our public schools through the teaching of biological Darwinism, that we have experienced so many tragedies the likes of that which occurred in Newtown, CT this past December? Until young people are taught, and learn, that every person ever born on this planet has had, and will have a God given purpose for existence, our schools, malls, streets, places of worship and abortion clinics will for the undetermined future remain killing fields

Sunday, January 13, 2013, 06:33 AM

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