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David P. Zanotti
President, The American Policy Roundtable

photo_dave.gif (4631 bytes)The Roundtable was founded in Ohio in 1980 as a state-based public policy organization. Since that time the work has expanded to an education and research component (The Roundtable) a legislative group (Freedom Forum) and a federal PAC (The Liberty Committee). The Roundtable is actively building policy groups in Ohio and Florida. The Public Square® daily radio broadcast is heard in Ohio, Florida, Western Pennsylvania and portions of six other states.  Mr. Zanotti has been the host of The Public Square® since its inception in 1989.

dave_radio.jpg (16383 bytes)In 1985, while working in his family’s manufacturing business, Mr. Zanotti began his work with the Roundtable as a financial contributor and volunteer. He joined the staff in 1986 and was elected President. Ohio’s largest newspaper has described Mr. Zanotti as “disciplined, prepared and focused,” a man that has “quietly made a profound impact on the state’s political structure.” (Plain Dealer April 27, 1997)

Under Mr. Zanotti’s leadership, Roundtable and Freedom Forum have led state and national initiatives on tax policies, school funding, health care, religious liberty, school choice, campaign finance reform, intelligent design, campaign finance reform and the defeat of casino gambling. A brief listing of media appearances, features and interviews includes: the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Philadelphia Enquirer, Dallas Daily News, Time, Newsweek, World Magazine, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NPR, BBC and a host of local and regional affiliates and publications. Mr. Zanotti is also a frequent guest editorial writer for several major newspapers in Ohio.

dave_mic.jpg (36395 bytes)Since 1980 the Roundtable has pioneered efforts in non-partisan voting information. In 1998 Roundtable created one of the most visited online election sites in the nation. In 2004 the Roundtable launched, an online site to encourage registration and participation among young voters. The Consent of the Governed, a voter registration documentary produced by the Roundtable, was used in over 25 states in the 2004 election cycle.

Mr. Zanotti received his formal education at Cuyahoga Community College, Mt. Vernon Nazarene College and did graduate work at Ashland University. He resides in Ohio with his wife of 29 years and their three children.


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