A Timeline of Accomplishments

1980 The Ohio Roundtable is founded. The original mission statement remains largely unchanged today: The Roundtable is dedicated to restoring traditional Judeo-Christian principles to American public policy.
1982 Voter information publications reach over 250,000 Ohio households
1982 The first Roundtable voter information publication is distributed to 2500 churches, businesses, and community leaders.
1987 Assistance in the development of administrative code guidelines for home schooling
1987 Roundtable and Freedom Forum help write and pass legislation strengthening child protection laws.
1988 First legislative defeat of casino gambling in Ohio.
1989 The Public Square Radio program is launched on a single station.
1990 Roundtable and Freedom Forum help defeat casino gambling in Ohio. Voters reject casinos by a margin of 62% to 38%.
1991 Roundtable proposes and Governor George V. Voinovich initiates the Ohio Adoption Task Force.
1992 Roundtable and Freedom Forum lead the term limits coalition, which gathers over 650,000 signatures in support of three constitutional amendments to limit politician’s terms. For the first time in history three citizen-initiated amendments succeed on the Ohio ballot and are passed into law. Voters support all three amendments by more than 60% margins.
1993 Roundtable and Freedom Forum join in the battle against Outcome-Based Education. Citizen outcry is overwhelming and results in the deletion of a 252-page OBE amendment from Ohio law.
1993 Roundtable and Freedom Forum join in the battle against Outcome-Based Education. Citizen outcry is overwhelming and results in the deletion of a 252-page OBE amendment from Ohio law.
1994 Effort to impact the implementation of Title I funding for federal education grants
1994 Roundtable and Freedom Forum mobilize a 14-state coalition opposed to the Clinton Health Security Act.
1995 Roundtable and Freedom Forum launch a citizen initiative for major reform of campaign finance laws in Ohio. More that 150,000 signatures are gathered to place a reform bill before the Ohio General Assembly, which passes a reform measure including key elements from the citizen initiative.
1996 Roundtable voter information publications reach over 400,000 Ohio households.
1996 Support for Hope for Ohio's Children and the Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Plan
1997 "Train Wreck" Op-ed in Akron Beacon Journal
1997 Response to DeRolph Decision - policy statements
1997 Dissenting publication
1997 The Ohio Roundtable publishes “Dissenting”, a major policy treatise against judicial activism and the Ohio Supreme Court’s DeRolph school-funding decision.
1997 Freedom Forum helps defeat a sales tax increase linked to school funding in the Ohio General Assembly.
1998 Roundtable launches The School Choice Committee, uniting school choice leaders with grassroots supporters across the state.
1998 Roundtable launches Decision 98 a complete on-line voter information service. In just the final ten days of the election cycle over 100,000 Ohio voters visit Decision 98.
1998 Roundtable and Freedom Forum lead the legal and ballot challenge against a one billion dollar state sales tax increase. Tax backers outspend the Roundtable coalition by a margin of 10 –1 but Ohio voters reject the sales tax measure by a margin of 80% to 20%.
1998 Lawsuit to prevent "contingency statute" from reaching ballot
1998 See the School Choice Issue Area for More Education Accomplishments.
1998 Opposition to legislative-proposed state sales tax to meet court demands - victory in House
1998 Attempt to initiate constitutional amendment in Ohio General Assembly - failed for lack of support
1998 Experimental Justice publication
1998 Opposition to ballot measure to increase state sales tax increase - Vote NO on Issue 2 campaign
1998 Election victory 80%-20% in defeat of Issue 2
1999 Cleveland Plain Dealer editiorial supporting original Roundtable/Freedom Forum proposed constitutional amendment to limit judicial activism in education funding debate
1999 The Public Square radio broadcast celebrates its tenth anniversary on the air. This daily news and commentary program is heard on over 25 stations and satellite translators reaching millions across Ohio and much of the Midwest.
1999 Roundtable squares off against the ACLU launching the "Keep the Motto" campaign in full support of the legal defense of the Ohio state motto "With God all things are possible."
2000 Roundtable launches Decision 2000 a dynamically enhanced, interactive voter information service. Over 500 churches and hundreds of business, libraries, and community organizations participate in Decision 2000. Candidate response to the on-line service reaches all-time high, including direct participation by every judicial candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court.
2001 Roundtable and Freedom Forum successfully launch major media campaign to defeat gambling expansion and racetrack casinos in Ohio General Assembly.
2001 Recognizing the efforts of the School Choice Committee, The White House invites ten members of the Committee to an education roundtable discussion with President George W. Bush.
2001 The School Choice Committee helps initiate legislation increasing support for the Cleveland Scholarship Plan and mobilizes grassroots efforts to support school choice program at the United States Supreme Court.
2001 Roundtable opens offices at the State Capitol in Columbus and moves corporate headquarters to 6000 sq. ft. media production facility in Strongsville, Ohio.
2002 Ohio Roundtable, Ohio Methodist Church, and coaltion sue to have Powerball declared unconstitutional. Proposal for Racetrack Casinos fails in Ohio Senate Committee of Agriculture. Franklin County Court agrees with plaintiffs in Roundtable v. Taft and strikes down major provision in MegaMillions lottery provision, forcing General Assembly to return lottery proceeds to education funding. Ohio House of Representatives' Proposal to link Sales Tax Increase to Racetrack Casinos fails in the Ohio Senate. Racetrack Casinos proposed as a Constitutional Amendment. Hearings held in the Ohio Senate Committee of State and Local Government and Veteran's Affairs.
2002 New online voter information service is launched. USAVoter.info serves thousands of voting households, churches, libraries, and civic organizations in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Site receives just under 1,000,000 hits in week prior to election.
2002 The United States Supreme Court declares the Ohio School Choice Plan constitutional. Justice Sandra Day O'Connor cites evidence presented by Roundtable in this landmark decision.
2002 Franklin County Court agrees with plaintiffs in Roundtable v. Taft and strikes down major provision in MegaMillions lottery provision, forcing General Assembly to return lottery proceeds to education funding.
2002 Roundtable supports major debate to change state education standards permitting continued dialogue and scientific analysis of evolution in the classroom. State school board passes standard changes by unanimous vote.
2002 The School Choice Committee travels to Washington DC with parents in Ohio's School Choice Program, participates in local mock trial events and attends Oral Arguments before the United States Supreme Court.
2002 The Ohio Roundtable founds The Common Defense.org, an alliance designed to encourage the responsible stewardship of constitutional liberty and the national defense. In response to the tragic lessons and sorrows that followed September 11, 2001. Soon after the debut of www.thecommondefense.org there were nearly 20,000 requests for bumper stickers, pins & information.
2003 Ohio Appellate Court upholds lower court ruling in Roundtable v. Taft restoring lottery proceeds to education as 1987 Constitutional Amendment requires.
2003 Ohio General Assembly expands Cleveland School Voucher program to high school.
2003 Roundtable joins forces with Alliance for Marriage in defending legal definition of traditional marriage at state and federal level.
2003 Roundtable, Freedom Forum and Pennsylvania Family Institute battle racetrack casino measures in Ohio and Pennsylvania, launching "Children at Risk" media campaign.
2003 The Public Square® radio broadcast is launched throughout the state of Florida.
2003 U.S. Supreme Court Justice is awarded Roundtable Leadership in Government Award.
2004 Ohio becomes the 38th state to pass a Defense of Marriage Act supported by Roundtable and Freedom Forum.
2004 Roundtable launches media support for traditional marriage in Massachusetts and moves in support of the Federal Marriage Amendment.
2004 First Making a Difference Event is held in Florida.
2005 The Ohio Roundtable and Ohio Citizen Action call for the resignation of Governor Bob Taft after he pled "No Contest" to ethic violations. The website MoveOnTaft.org is launched.
2006 Ohio Issue 3 or Ohio Learn and Earn is defeated 57% to 43%.


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