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In essence the American Policy Roundtable is an expanded name for a twenty-eight year old organization. The name reflects the wishes of the Board who unanimously agreed early in 2004 to change the name of the parent company to the American Policy Roundtable. The parent company is the umbrella organization under which the Ohio Roundtable and the Florida Policy Roundtable operate as non-profit education and research organizations. The mission statement of the American Policy Roundtable and each state-based operation remains the same: To restore traditional Judeo-Christian principles to American public policy.

The American Policy Roundtable is a state-based model in the mission field of public policy. Everything we do flows from the local level to the state level then to the federal level. After 28 years of experience we remain convinced the best way to influence public policy is to honor the Founders original intent that civil government works best from the "bottom-up".

Currently there are two states with Roundtable organizations established. Our daily radio broadcast is now heard in eight states. Eventually we hope to see more state-based Roundtable organizations develop. Each will operate under the American Policy Roundtable umbrella, mission statement and leadership.

Roundtable is not a single-issue organization attempting to stretch its political reach. Nor is Roundtable a "family organization" trying to get political. We are not a "religious organization" nor a member of any movement or officially affiliated with any other state, local or national organization. We desire to be cordial and cooperative with others in this mission field who share a common vision. We maintain a firm commitment, however, to stand independent of all political parties, candidates, and media.

The Roundtable is funded solely by voluntary contributions made by citizens, corporations and foundations across the country who believe in this mission statement and model. We encourage all levels of contributions from the smallest to the largest. Every year the Roundtable gives free publications, DVDs, CDs and materials to thousands of households upon request. The entire Roundtable website is available to all who log on free of charge. serves millions every major election year - again free of charge. The Public Square is heard my millions every week - all because of voluntary contributions.

We invite you to join in this adventure. Thank you for your interest and support.


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