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Hillary's Speech
A moment in Iowa - Video

Will 2016 Hinge on This?
Marijuana to Ohio Ballot - AGAIN

David Zanotti's Blog For the Common Good Blog
The dance begins
One-Two-Three, One-Two-Three... The dance is made up of steps. So is the Republican Presidential primary process. What the media has refused to report is that the early primaries are all proportional. There are no winner-takes-all states until March 15th. As long as there are three candidates all very close to...
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Dr. Jeff Sander's Blog A Moment in History
The Revenant
Well.  If you are really into hard-core somewhat authentic survivalist movies of the wild west, then go see the movie, "The Revenant", starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.  If you are squeamish, or under the age of 18, I don't think this is the movie for you (some very violent...
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Is Congress Making Us Sick?
A Healthier Plan
Dr. McGowen's Blog
How Critical Religion is to Democracy

The Fanny Crosby Project

iVoters Strategy Document

Article One Project

Life's Greatest Question