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David Zanotti's Blog For the Common Good Blog
Not an easy message
Listener response to our recent broadcast on the State of the Union address was... mixed - to say the best. One listener wrote in and blasted us for being racists and in the tank for Donald Trump. Another wrote in accusing us of being Anti-Trumpers. Both people listened to the...
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Dr. Jeff Sander's Blog A Moment in History
Billy Graham
I can hardly measure the effect this man has had on my life.  I vaguely remember hearing about Billy Graham or seeing just a snippet of his TV special when I was a little boy.  I know that whenever the music of thousands of people singing a hymn would hit...
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They Just Can't Do It
Is Congress Making Us Sick?
A Healthier Plan
Dr. McGowen's Blog
Peace Be Still

The American Mission Series

The Fanny Crosby Project

Article One Project

Life's Greatest Question